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Renting should be easy, don’t you think? Well, we sure do! Let liv.rent be your companion as you search for an apartment, and throughout the length of your stay. Access apartment listings from all over the world and let us do the heavy lifting once you decide to apply. From the moment you move in, you have our full support via features that help you save time, stay in touch and feel secure.With reliable, paperless options, liv.rent protects all your rental documents via an impenetrable file storage system that also allows for quick and easy access. Hate filling the same documents over and over? We’ve got you covered! Provide all your key information once, and our system will do the rest! Trust liv.rent to make your renting experience more fulfilling.Make a good First ImpressionA passport is to travel, as your user profile is to our app. We provide you with the platform to complete a detailed profile that not only presents your best self, but also gives you access to the right landlords. If a landlord is interested in you, feel secure in the fact that they will have all the necessary information to build that initial sense of trust in you. First impressions go a long way when interacting with new faces, so allow us to ensure you are prepared when the time comes.Avoid ScammersAny real estate professional you speak to on our app has been fully verified as a real person. These professionals are also appropriately licensed to cater to all your rental needs. Leave all the uncertainty and guesswork out of the equation. Rest assured that anyone you speak to has your best interests at heart.Find Your Perfect HomeListing websites tend to overwhelm you with clutter. Allow us to quickly match all your rental preferences from the moment you sign up. Using carefully constructed algorithms, our system will ensure that only those units that are relevant to your search show up. From that point, seamlessly interact with landlords about their properties; because we know that even after providing you with complete building and listing information, you may have more questions.Paperless Tenancy ApplicationDo your part in saving the trees when you use our application to secure an apartment. liv.rent lets you digitally apply to a variety of listings across the globe when you complete all the necessary documentation through the app. Stay organized without all the extra paperwork.Digitally Sign ContractsLet us usher you into the future of legal documentation when you complete the entire contract process through the app. We also took out the repetitive elements of document signing so that you can explore all your options with ease. Safe documentation should not mean more work on your part, and we totally understand. This is why we made sure that your dream apartment is only a few clicks away!Move inOnce you complete all the necessary steps to becoming a tenant, enjoy the ease of a central management space where all the details regarding your new home exist. Keep track of your payments and always stay on top of things through a single digital hub. Remain in the know even when you cannot physically meet your landlord.Clear lines of Communication with your LandlordThe renting process is often saturated with miscommunication and we know how frustrating it can get. It is for this reason we ensured that all your communication needs are in a single, easy-to-access location. We provide you the peace of mind you need to go on with life, without having to worry about the best way to reach your landlord to solve a problem. Communication is the key to any relationship, and that includes you and your landlord.