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Nowadays scientific and technological development is increasing . These advanced devices serve human life better and easier. Typically in a house , people can control electronic devices such as lights , TV ... remotely through the internet without touching any device . With the motto: "Easy way - Better Life!!", ACIS is a pioneer company in the first remote control in Viet Nam has created the intelligent control devices are installed in the house to create a smart home for everyone. Besides, Acis also creates iHome ACIS application allow users to control devices in the smartphone and tablet products . With iHome ACIS you easier to control devices in the home such as light bulbs , television ,... remotely through the internet and electronic systems of ACIS anytime anywhere. Signals are synchronized quickly.

Enjoy the beautiful life!!!


ACIS's system currently provides remote device including :

- Light

- Television

- Curtains

- Air Conditioning

- Doors


Features :

1 . Home Control

Expressing each room and each floor in a house . You can add , delete a room or a floor like building a house. In addition, you can also change the edit room/floor including change room name , floor name, avatar. Then you will add the devices you have registered in the system 's device Acis into a room. Also move them to the desired location and type of equipment and change their size .

2 . Devices Control

A collection of all the devices you have registered in ACIS's system . The device drivers here will also be synchronized across devices in the home was added to the home control

3 . Setting

With 2 functions : backup and load file from server to server allows you to restore the settings you 've done before.

4 . Scene

Get a list of scenarios is created . The script is the time period is set to control devices such as lights off to sleep , open TV …

5 . Log Out

When you log out , the whole of what you have done will be stored for the next log in.


Because of the commercial application of ACIS should register on the website: acis.com.vn. If you want to use a look at the technical and functional application, please use the following demo account:

master account: demo

control account: demo

password: 123456

Any questions about this application, please contact us via email: info@acis.com.vn