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HtoL#Niq The Firefly Diary Mod Apk

◆HtoL#Niq The Firefly Diary Mod Apk Story.

At the bottom of an old ruin, the girl who lost her memory [Mion] wakes up.

Guide Mion through the darkness with two fireflies, solve the contraptions and mysteries of the ruins, avoid the dreaded monsters and traps, and escape from the ruins.

◆HtoL#Niq The Firefly Diary Mod Apk System.

Fireflies guide Mion and illuminate the world of light.

Shadow Firefly] that illuminates the world of shadows and destroys obstacles and contraptions.

Use the power of the two fireflies to switch between worlds of light and shadow and lead Mion out of the ruins.

Inside the ruins are traps that could reap Mion's life, puzzle-like contraptions, and unidentifiable monsters.

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