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The description of Bronkanoid App

- 100 levels.

- Leaderboard.

- 5 final bosses.

- 15 retro-levels.

- Hundreds of enemies.

- 40 achievements to get.

- Automatic saving of progress.


Once upon a time there was a place called Moderdonia, where three comedian friends: Pachangas, Ignatius and Rancius, told jokes about Emperor Kavadas on stage, before his people.

The fame of these three comedians became so popular in the universe that it reached the ears of Emperor Kavadas, who lacked a sense of humor and lived in his kingdom of Antiguoria.

Kavadas traveled to Moderdonia, and launched a magical beam that turned Ignatius and Rancius into bricks, but not Pachangas, who dodged it.

The emperor took Ignatius and Rancius with him, and Pachangas was selected as the pilot of the "Orceraus" space capsule for his ability to dodge things. He will now travel to Antiguoria aboard the mothership "Bronkanoid" with the intention of rescuing Ignatius and Rancius.

Now all the hopes that travel aboard "Bronkanoid" are pinned on you. Become the most agile pilot in the universe!

* Important *

- The game uses VFX Graph technology which may not be compatible with many devices manufactured before 2018. When this technology is adapted to most devices, the game will be updated to offer a better experience for most users.

- The game saves the progress data automatically, and these will not be lost when the game is updated, but it will happen if the application is uninstalled and reinstalled. In the case of the position in the Leaderboard and the obtaining of achievements, these will always be saved and protected, regardless of whether the game is updated, or uninstalled and reinstalled.