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Ultimate Level Builder (Level Maker Game)

Latest Version
1.2.6 B
Android version
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The description of Ultimate Level Builder (Level Maker Game) App

This app gives you the tools you need to create fantastic 2D platforming levels and share them with everyone. Build tricky obstacle courses, crazy contraptions, or even longer adventure-style levels. The choice is yours!


- Make all sorts of levels, big or small!

- Different level theme options to suit your mood. Includes a blank theme for easy editing.

- Hundreds of blocks, enemies, and objects to be placed in each level.

- Decoration blocks and sloped ground tiles to create more detailed environments.

- Multiple power-ups including upgrades to the player's armor and jump height.

- Electricity can be conducted by metal blocks to power pistons and more.

- Dynamic fire spreading (wooden blocks can burn, and ice blocks melt!)

- Share your levels and download levels uploaded by other players.