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Tunder point of sale app allows thousands of merchants in +150 countries to sell their items anonymously and easily!~~~~~~~~~~~⚡ SET UP YOUR CASH REGISTER IN A SNAP~~~~~~~~~~~• No registration required No email, first name, last name ... to use the application. Download then sell, it's that simple.• Create items• Create taxes• Create categories• Create discounts• Print a receipt using Bluetooth (compatible with STAR MICRONICS brand only)• Send e-receipts to your customers by email, whatsapp ...~~~~~~~~~~~️ STAY ANONYMOUS~~~~~~~~~~~• It's your data (turnover, sales, items ...) It's your business, not our business.• Your data belongs to you and is saved only on your device (Mobile, Tablet).~~~~~~~~~~~✈️ SELL LITERALLY EVERYWHERE~~~~~~~~~~~• 100% Offline: Sell ​​wherever you are, without worrying about a connection problem• Multi-language: French, English, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Polish, Farsi and other languages ​​to come. Contribute also to translate Tunder in your language.• Available on tablet and smartphone~~~~~~~~~~~ MANAGE YOUR BUSINESS WITH EASE~~~~~~~~~~~• Export all your sales in Excel format via Gmail, Whatsapp, Messenger, Outlook, Drive, Dropbox or SMS or any other application of your choice• Consult easily details of your sales• Manage refunds• Tunder adapts to all point of sales : Souvenirs, Florist, Grocery, Snack, Haberdashery, Bakery, Pastry Making, Clothing Trade, Fast Food, Food Truck, Shoe Store, Pizzeria, Fruits and Vegetables, Brewery, Barber Shop, Kebabab, Kiosk, Salon beauty, etc ...• Tunder, is the best alternative for izettle, kyte, Loyverse, cloud pos, vendis, square or shopify pos, iZettle, IVEPOS, Poster, moon, Fusion, ERPLY~~~~~~~~~~~ SUPPORT TEAM AT YOUR SERVICE~~~~~~~~~~~• Chat with Team Tunder from the app (English or French) ~~~~~~~~~~~ FREE APP WITH OPTIONS~~~~~~~~~~~• Free plan with optional premium advanced features