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Trivia Crack Mod is an inextricable knowledge quiz puzzle leisure mobile game that is loved and played by the majority of users. Choose different types of questions by turning the turntable randomly, and you will be rewarded for answering the questions correctly. Very creative, very playable, a variety of hot spots + cold knowledge, it is simply going to challenge your IQ to the limit! Use your IQ and strength to answer more questions and unlock more achievements and different characters! This game comes with Chinese, you no longer have language problems!

Trivia Crack Mod Game Features

1. Casual mobile games where global users can compete against each other at any time;

2. Real-time competitive knowledge quizzes for knowledge questions related to various aspects;

3. If you answer the questions correctly, you will get more points, and you will win the grand prize at the top of the crown;

4. Comfortable and slow-paced operation, very creative questions, competing for IQ and brain power;

5. Collect more characters to challenge and use your high IQ to unlock more achievements!

Trivia Crack Mod Recommendation Reason

There are many different types of puzzle questions waiting for you to answer;

You can create your own exclusive questions in the question bank;

Support more than 20 languages, don't worry anymore;

A series of mobile game cards and new characters are waiting for you to unlock and collect;

Improve your knowledge while playing, and show off your high IQ, covering seven types: geography, science, history, sports, art, entertainment, and crown;

Test competition anytime, anywhere!

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