1. LanguagesEnglish
  2. Latest Version1.0
  3. Update2023-05-24
  4. Android version7.0
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Auto-chess tower defense!

Torecower is an arcade wave-based minimalist game where you build automatic turrets to shoot enemies. Each turret has an unique attack behaviour. After finishing a wave, you can get an upgrade on the skill tree. Choose wisely to make your turrets stronger.

== Turrets ==
Each turret have unique behaviors based on it's color: Shooters shoots faster and it's bullets may pierce enemies; Arcanes are focused on casting magic-bolts and thunders.

== Upgrades ==
After finishing a wave, you may pick an upgrade to buff your turrets, choose wisely! Going for the Shooter path blocks you from following the Arcane one.

== Features ==
* 12+ turrets, each with unique attacks
* 4+ classes, each with unique effects and behaviours
* 20 waves, making the game harder on the late-game
* 4+ enemies, each with unique attributes

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