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The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie shooter

Latest Version
Android version
Mod Info
Mod Menu:
1.God Mod
2.Unlimited ammo
3.Instant kill
4.Unlimited energy
5.Unlimited grenade
6.Add Golds
7.Add Sliver
8.Add Gas
9.Add Skill
10.Add Perk

The world after the zombie slaughter is scary. Born into it, you must fight for your survival against various zombies, villains and dangerous monster bosses. You embark on an important story journey and many side journeys, improve your skills and aura, buy and sell equipment and communicate with other lucky or unlucky survivors.

Survival RPG and first person shooter

The Walking Dead 2 is a great retro first person shooter. The game has its own story, dozens of journeys, numerous shooting elements and various weapons. Your main enemy are the zombies that rule the world. They are ubiquitous and diverse. After all, they are numerous. You have to finish them with guns, grenades or combat weapons equipped with different ammo. In the meantime, you can heal yourself with a medical first aid kit and food. As the game progresses, your character becomes more powerful, your equipment more powerful, your skills more skillful, and your aura more impressive. Do you want more attack value? Do you want to increase the probability of unlocking? Do you want to reduce fuel consumption while traveling around the world?


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