The Curse of the Wise Tree

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Removed ad display;
Mod menu with the following features:
2.after raising the mushroom there will be a lot of them;
3.movement speed and jump height adjustment.

The Curse of the Wise Tree Mod - Curse of the Wise Tree is a scary and funny adventure. You play as a mushroom picker in a mystical forest at night. Your task is to collect mushrooms that grow along the forest path. It would seem that everything is simple, but there are rumors that evil spirits in the form of memes are found in the forest! Therefore, you should look at both.

Try to go through several locations and pick up all the mushrooms. On the way you will meet a lot of enemies who will be waiting in the dark and chasing you. They can be shot at and destroyed with fire projectiles. You will also face other unexpected adventures and the final boss. Good luck!

The Curse of the Wise Tree Mod Game Features:
- Works offline;
- Scary and addictive gameplay;
- Memes in the form of 3D characters;
- A lot of enemies that are chasing you;
- Unexpected turns and adventures;
- Dozens of different sounds and background music;
- Epic shooting and visual effects;
- Comfortable and pleasant control;

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