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1.The game needs to be used with a virtual keyboard. Please search for “Game Keyboard+ ”in the SosoMod platform to download and install.
2.For the specific operation and installation process, please watch the video in the SosoMod App
3.The game is forced to run the computer version on Android, and there will be slow response during the running process. If you mind, please download carefully
4.If you want the PC version, please go to Telegram to download it ,Telegram:https://t.me/sosomods

Tag After School MOD APK(Houkago no Onigokko) is a mobile game that allows players experience life as Shota -Kun. The game is themed after the Shota Kun storyline, so you'll get to determine how the story goes with your unique choices and decisions. Shota-Kun, like every individual, will have to navigate life in and after school. As fearful as he is, he'll have to make certain decisions that can shape his life. So as a player, your task is to ensure he makes those right decisions for himself.

Tag After School Android MOD APK environment is beautiful and cinematic. It's identical to a typical scene from an anime movie. So players can enjoy a breathtaking view of the 3D graphics. However, you won't be able to get involved in the actual actions because it's more of a clicker game than a 3D simulation where you can control the character independently. Instead, various game areas can be accessed depending on which part of the story you've reached. There are also many characters you can interact with.

This also means you'll be tasked with simple navigational buttons. Rather than a complex screen filled with control buttons, you can move between game sections easily. 

Tag After School PC Game download Telegram: https://t.me/sosomods

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