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"Survivor In Rainbow Monster Mod" is a hide-and-seek action-adventure game based on saving children from monsters. Players play the role of warriors who rescue kidnapped children in the game, enter five levels composed of different tasks, and save the kidnapped children after completing the objectives in the levels.

Survivor In Rainbow Monster Mod Game Highlights

"Survivor In Rainbow Monster" is based on the game of hide-and-seek. Monsters of different colors are derived to form levels with different rules, waiting for players to team up to challenge. At present, the game has opened up monsters of four colors: blue, green, orange, and purple, which is still three different from the combination of the seven-color rainbow. Among them, blue monsters will wander around the map, chasing characters that are not hidden in boxes. Green monsters hunt down noise-making characters during blind patrols. Orange monsters will patrol the designated route. Purple monsters need to observe the status of the vents at all times.

Survivor In Rainbow Monster Mod Featured gameplay

As an action-adventure game, "Survivor In Rainbow Monster" is based on the intense and exciting hide-and-seek game. In order to make the atmosphere of the game more compact, different rules are set for escapers and pursuers. While evading the pursuit, the escapees must work together to collect all the boxes and props within the specified time in order to win the level. In addition to chasing characters, each hunter is endowed with special skills. As long as they are evaded according to the characteristics of the hunter, they can easily pass the level.

Survivor In Rainbow Monster Mod screen scene

The art style of "Survivor In Rainbow Monster" adopts the style of two 2D flat cartoons, and presents the gameplay of hide and seek with the game interface similar to "Among us", even all escapees in the game The little red man in "Space Werewolf" was designed as a prototype, and the shape of the rainbow monster as the antagonist was all taken from the shape of the rainbow friend monster in the 3D social game "Roblox".

Survivor In Rainbow Monster Mod Game evaluation

From the actual experience, "Survivor In Rainbow Monster" is more like an enhanced version of the hide-and-seek game. Compared with the classic monster-catching game, this game has been greatly improved in terms of fun and game difficulty. At the same time, different skills are designed for the monsters as hunters, and multiple monsters that can be on their own are divided. Combined with the popular characters of "Space Werewolf" and "Roblox Mod Apk", it perfectly realizes the combination of popular elements and micro-innovation. With these two points, it has won the top ten of the action game rankings in 88 regions around the world.

On the other hand, the game currently only provides 4 levels for players to entertain, and the open content is relatively small. Although the game shows that each round requires 15 players to start, most of the time, robot characters will replace real players, which affects the experience of the game.

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