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Super Bros Game Original 1985

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Get to the end of the level by jumping over various gaps and avoiding the enemies on his wayFeatures- Divided into eight worlds, each of them containing four levels.- Get special power-ups out of blocks or uncommonly bricks- The fourth level of each world plays inside a castle.DescriptionFormer plumbers Bros has been sent to rescue to the Princess and restore peace to the kingdom. They must make their way over land, under ground, and through the sea, in eight worlds divided into four levels each. On their journey, they face a variety of enemies, including Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Bullet Bills, which can be defeated by jumping directly on them. At the end of each world, the brothers come face to face with Bowser, who must be stopped before the quest can continue.Power-ups play an integral part in Bros. When Bros jumps and hits a question mark block from underneath, an item is revealed. This could be a coin, mushroom, fire flower, or star. The mushroom is the game's most important item, it makes Bros grow to over twice his normal size and strength, giving him the ability to break bricks with his jump-punch. It also allows him to be hit once without losing a life. Once Bros is in this "super" state, he can collect a fire flower that lets him shoot fireballs. Stars provide temporary invincibility, and 100 coins earn you an extra life.