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Space for kids. Adventure game

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A new era of space adventures! Do you want to make your kids dreams true and take part in exciting space adventures? Let's go to the space station and build your own spaceship! Play interesting space games for kids. Attend astronaut courses and collect all puzzles to solve space mysteries. Spaceships start their adventure to the planets of solar system. Fly up to meet exciting adventures!

‍ Become a brave astronaut and conquer space! ‍

various games for girls and boys

explore stars and planets through the telescope

exciting adventures to the orbit and to the asteroid field

exciting Hippo characters for kids

bright and various graphics of the Earth and space

original music, pleasant and funny kids melodies

simple kids gameplay

exciting astronomy for kids, learning games

adventures to the space station and in the open space

play games at the space station and get tickets to the space adventures for free

Visit stars stocks and learn how to make rockets. Choose the levels of speed module and flight stabilizer. Collect puzzles! Use plasma welding. Build your own shuttle, fill it up with fuel and get it to the space!

‍ ‍

Astronauts are in trouble! Transmission and fuel systems are out of work! Play kids games and solve puzzles for boys and girls. Help rocket to get to the orbit and get it back to the space station. Take part in the search operations, look for falling capsules and save astronauts. Repair space modules and put together the blocks of orbital station. Look for orbital flights and manage space adventures.

Exciting astronomy for boys and girls. Visit observatory and explore sky full of stars through a huge telescope. Find Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and other planets of solar system. Observe stars, secondary planets and space stations. Learn a lot of new and interesting information from the astronomy series for kids.

Help astronauts to get through the cloud of space debris and dangerous asteroid field! Direct Mars rover and collect capsules with supplies and useful things for Marsians. Shoot asteroids with laser gun! Become a cook on the orbital station, feed astronauts and make their travel more pleasant. Look for funny adventures on the orbit, in the open space and on the other planets!

Stars are getting closer today, and kids games even more interesting! Let's go to the kids space station with Hippo and fly to the exciting adventures! Play the best games for boys and girls for free and have fun and bright emotions with kids.