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Silent Castle:haunted Castle

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(Multiple diamond rewards, except for diamonds obtained in the main interface)

Challenge to be the last survivor of Silent Castle Mod Apk.

*** Cutting edge ****

The game contains spooky images that can cause physical discomfort. This game is a parent recommended game for underage players under 18 years old. At the same time, it is also recommended that some people who are sensitive to exciting and scary games quit this game.


It was dark and something broke into the castle————

Careful! Soul Reaper is on the hunt! Boom! ! ! Bang - it frantically attacks the room door.

Shut the door and hide in your bed now! Build your defense against Soul Reaper together.

Features ******

Different Modes - You can choose to be a survivor or a soul reaper

Massive and Powerful Props and Equipment - Get more gold coins and strategies to use different props, different characters can make the props work better!

MVP Rewards - Be a Winner! ! More rewards are waiting for you!

Sign-up bonus for beginners - bonus for exploring the castle for the first time!


If the countdown is red, please leave the corridor immediately, otherwise your safety in the castle cannot be guaranteed.

Please do not follow other people into the room. If you enter a room and find someone in bed, leave the room as quickly as possible. If you can't leave the room, restart the game.

After entering the room, go to bed and get gold coins that you can use to build equipment. Don't get up no matter what, don't get up when IT crashes...

When Soul Reaper breaks down the door, press the repair button to repair it.

If you find that the light in someone's room is broken, do not check the room or take anything out of the room.

There is a secret room in the castle. If you enter it accidentally, please exit immediately. If you spend gold on these mysterious items, you can't be sure that Reaper won't go insane-----.

Photography and filming inside the castle is prohibited. Once caught, you cannot re-enter the castle.

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