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Shadow Fight 3

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Damage multiplier (Shared. Sorry, can’t fix at the moment)
Dumb enemy (Enemy do nothing)

Shadow Fight 3 Mod Vô Hạn Tiền Max Level—Begin your adventure in a world of constant battles and exciting action!

Ready for action

The world stands on the brink of an epic war. Mighty heroes of three tribes fight for shadow energy and you embark on an adventure to end the war. A military tribe, the Legion, wants to destroy dangerous energies. Dynasties wanted to use it for profit and crafts. The mysterious Heralds study the darkest secrets of the Shadow Forces. Your actions will change their destiny. Which side will you join?

Create an epic hero

Choose your appearance and your combat weapons. Collect tons of different weapons and armor on your journey. Unlock special abilities by collecting unique suits. Influence the storyline by choosing your faction.

Fight the ultimate battle

Travel across a large world map full of unusual locations and stories to meet your ultimate enemy. Defeat powerful bosses while learning 3 different fighting styles. Combine them to create your own unique attack style - you can fight like a cunning ninja or a mighty knight. Master the shadow energy and unleash powerful and spectacular blows that will change the course of battle.

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