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Important notes:- Cymatics, Tonoscope or Chladni plate visualizations are custom and shouldn't be compared with real metal etc. Real behavior is limited to very few arts. This app tunes the same physics to be more artistic than real to provide more varying arts.- If some app has exclusive access to MIC OR apps like voice assistant which use mic most of time DO NOT allow apps like this to work correctly. If MIC permission is allowed but no output may show some other app is using MIC.- MIC input is very low on some devices & big patterns are not rendered. Use MIC boost.- This is not a music visualizer because it makes arts for consistent frequencies not rapidly changing sounds.Info and uses:A wave visualizer or a generative art app with multiple styles of visuals from simple waveforms. Make beautiful design, spirographs from voices by saying aaa, ae, ooo, iii etc. If you are interested in Cymatics, Yantra, Mandala, Meditation, Tratak/Gaze, focus on point then this will be useful. Try to put phone near resonating sound especially long pipes and see the beautiful designs.- Cymatics 2d or chladni plate visualizer. Uses custom material and frequency response. NOT FOR SCIENTIFIC PURPOSES.- Make string art and similar arts easily.- Path mode. Write alphabets and give them random shape & color morphs. Make other freestyle sketch outlines and make them dance by voice.- Path mode. If you want to see how waveform will be rendered on a sine wave instead of linear draw a sine wave in path mode and test output. Many complex paths can be made.- It can also be used as a way to test and compare between voice and delivery of sound. For musicians testing voice by looking at design. How consistent is your lungs!. Deliver resonance and try to keep a waveform as still as possible.- Indians can also call it Simple Rangoli Maker or mandala maker. Make Small Rangoli like fractals using sound. This can also help get good colors, template designs etc all created with minimum effort. - Artists can make textures, complex color blobs, point sprites quickly.- A room with big screens responding to voices, resonance :).- Also acts as different type of particle effect generator.Help, tips:- Use a long pipe to sound. It works great!. Try to test some ringtones they give nice formations :).- Use resonating objects.- Make YouTube background animation for your videos. Similar background like popular chakra videos, music video background etc.- Helpful in meditation, doing Tratak (gaze) center, or some small points. Gaze or follow a point in smaller point mode using generator. Natural order builds/repairs natural order.App usage tips:- To get flower like images enable shaded draw mode and bigger texture size. - For gazing over points or complex motion of particles use small/normal size in DOTs plot with generator.- Don't use higher alpha in circle/ center mode. It causes glitch like visuals at right side of art.