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Stickman Ragdoll Playground Mod (SRP Mods) is a stickman breakout game. This is a stickman breakout game that has become popular recently. This is a game that combines violent aesthetics. Every operation here will bring gorgeous flips , there are a lot of real gameplay hidden in it, all the constructions are waiting for you to experience, you can completely build according to your own ideas, relatively speaking, it is very simple.

SRP Mods Tips

Advanced Ragdoll Sandbox It's a sandbox of stickman characters, constructors and virtual stress relief toys. There is a secret complex hidden deep in the ground.

Some say it was built long before World War I, others say it was an international global experiment.

But in the end it all doesn't matter. Once you ride the electric is the way to the finish line.

Down the long stairs and realize that this scary place is just a surreal playground.

The world's worst bandits and other criminals are being turned into living dolls, tortured and mutilated by unknown forces for their evil crimes. The game was also previously known as Untitled Ragdoll Game, such as Stickman Ragdoll Playground Poppy Playtime Mod Apk.

SRP Mods Highlights

1. Constantly control your own stickman to fight in the game.

2. Brand-new gameplay and operation, so that you can fully enjoy the joy brought by the game.

3. The picture of the game is very interesting, bringing different game scenes to the players.

4. Rich game levels allow you to fully enjoy the joy brought by the game.

SRP Mods Content

Added camera shake (disabled by default) for shots and explosions.

The texture of the metal ball has been updated.

Fixed custom wheels sometimes not spinning when spawned from blueprints.

Fixed an issue where hidden ragdoll pose bases became visible when using the affect panel color tool transparency change on a stick figure.

Fixed gun invisible muzzle flash when picking up and flipping the weapon.

Fixed incorrect layer ordering when limbs penetrated.

Fixed the gap outside the room.

SRP Mods Instructions

1. A variety of dolls can be selected, each with its own special skills, and start a wonderful fighting style;

2. Rich challenge activities are waiting for you to participate, actively deal with various dangers, unlock more costumes and start fighting;

3. Compete with flexible fingertips, collect more props, defeat various enemies, and gain more surprise challenges.

4. Every time you successfully pass a level, you can get the corresponding rewards for free;

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