SAO Integral Factor - MMORPG
SAO Integral Factor - MMORPG
  1. LanguagesEnglish
  2. Latest Version2.2.4
  3. Update2023-05-25
  4. Android version
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About SAO Integral Factor - MMORPG

What's New in the Latest Version 2.2.4

Last updated on May 24, 2023

2.2.4- Chapter 2! Aincrad 79F!- "Underground Labyrinth" installed!- Player Level Cap Raised(Lv.200→Lv.210)- The Lv.195 Dark Black series is here!- The "Chaos Boss Dungeon Part 21" is open!- "Accele Skill" are here!- Added All Out Battle [Aincrad]!-"VR Mode" are here!- Get Agil Stamps! "[Fri-Sun Only] Treasure Hunt with Agil" is on now!- Other small adjustments and corrections.*Please check for more details from the notices in the app.

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