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Do you want to discover your future using Viking runes for free?We have worked to create the best runic divination suitable for everyone, no matter your age or level of experience in the esoteric world.The Celtic runes are part of the Futhark, an ancient writing system used by the Vikings. It is one of the most mysterious and magical divination methods, capable of predicting all kinds of events in our lives.⭐ What spreads can be performed with magic runes?- Divination with 3 runes: This spread is very common in tarot consultations, this one allows you to discover the past, present and future on a specific question or issue.- Divination Yes or No: Ask a specific question and get a very concise answer according to the connotation of the runes.- Rune of the Day: Get a daily rune on a specific subject or in a general way, it is recommended for quick answers to simple questions.⭐ Advantages of divination with elvish runes.- Discover the meaning of all runes thanks to the Ancient Futhark Dictionary, with the entire alphabet of Norse runes.- Be amazed by the realistic 3D graphics- Find the tips that the runes have for you, they will be really useful for you- Compatible with wiccan meditation, thanks to the relaxing environment and sounds of nature- It is totally free and without limits⭐ How to use the Wiccan runes?To cast the runes, just perform 3 simple steps:1. Find a quiet place where you can concentrate and think of a question or issue that concerns you.2. Select the runes for your rune casting visualizing that they give you an answer to your questions.3. Get your interpretation and advice based on the resultsIt's that simple!This rune future prediction app will receive regular updates, in case you find a bug or improvement, do not hesitate to contact us at