Pome Survival
Pome Survival
  1. LanguagesEnglish
  2. Latest Version1.1.3
  3. Update2023-05-25
  4. Android version5.0
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   Pome Survival

About this game


- Survive on an unknown planet!

※ Story
Pome and friends who barely escaped from the Earth facing the asteroid collision!
On their way to Mars, they collide with an unidentified object and made an emergency landing on a nearby planet!
The monster living on the unknown planet is after them!
Will Pome and his friends make it safely to Mars?

■ Features
- Fun Survival Game
- Cute Pomerian!
- Easy Game Operation
- Various Skills
- Cute Companion Pet
- Companion Item
- Great Avatars
- Stage
- Powerful Boss
- Various Challenges through Boss Challenges

Henlo, HOOMAN!
The team have prepared a Major Update!
There has been various new features added to the game.

[ Update Features ]
■ Stages Expanded !
- 5 Stages > 15 Stages
■ More Monsters & New Bosses !]
■ New Items & Item Renewal
■ New Skills Added !
- 66 New Skills Added
■ Friend Recommendation Added !
- Invite and get invited by your friend
- Receive PowerPack by completing simple missions

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