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The description of NHome App

This is an app to manage automation devices compatible with Neocontrol solutions.

Control lights, scenes, curtains, and other devices in your home through this app! You can configure youself with a few taps - without the help of technicians!

WARNING: This app works ONLY for places which have already been configured using official Neocontrol tools. If you do not have a Neocontrol automation central in your home, unfortunately the app will not do much for you.

If you do not have the automation system but are interested, you can download this app and the other app 'NHome Tester' to simulate a central and then see how it would work. However, you will need two phones, and you need to download an app on each one of them and run the apps simultaneously.

This app is an independent production, not related or supported by the Neocontrol company.