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My Cafe — Restaurant game

Latest Version
Android version
Mod Info
1.Fast level up
2.Rapid personnel flow
3.Rapid flow of tourists

My Cafe — Restaurant game (Mod Menu) Mod Apk

Here, you can formulate the business strategy of exclusive coffee shop and create profits. Coffee shop that doesn't miss work offline!

Simulated Restaurant Game

-In my cafe, you can build a coveted coffee shop or restaurant.

-You can decorate the restaurant as you like, recruit and train employees, and set menus and prices.

Personalized decoration

-Are you gifted in design? Then please enjoy yourself and make a big change in the coffee shop or restaurant.

-You can create a personalized atmosphere cafe with changeable decoration styles, arbitrary furniture placement and a variety of decorative items.

Interactive plot

-Manage the coffee shop carefully and try to solve all kinds of problems of customers. Choose different dialogue options, the ending of the story may be different!

-Romantic love? Compact plot Which is your dish? Choose at my cafe!

Associate friends

-Invite friends to play coffee shop games! You can not only build a small town with players with similar preferences, but also compete with other cafes.

-Let's work together to complete the task of coffee shop ceremony and improve the level of the town!

Do you really like coffee?

-Give full play to the potential of baristas in coffee shops and meet the needs of customers for all kinds of coffee and tea.

-Create a unique coffee shop formula and add a touch of color to the life of all customers.