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Moy 7 Virtual Pet Game

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Moy 7 Virtual Pet Game Apk is finally back for the seventh part!

This time around there are some major changes to the UI and how you interact with the different rooms Moy 7 Virtual Pet Game Apk is in. There's now more interaction with the environment than ever before, and the gameplay feels more alive and fun.

You can now choose from over 95 different games and activities. As always, there are different ways to play and collect coins. Minigames are divided into four different genres - Casual, Arcade, Racing and Puzzle. There are also many creative activities such as playing the piano, drums or guitar. You can also spend time drawing, coloring books, managing the zoo, planting flowers in the garden, playing the role of a doctor saving patients and much more!

This game is about your Moy 7 Virtual Pet Game Apk. Help Moy brush his teeth, bathe him when he's dirty, tell him when to sleep, feed him healthy food, exercise and play with him. The more you take care of your Moi, the more he will grow and be happier.

The coins you collect from playing any of the various mini-games can be used to buy new clothes, body paint, hairstyles and even a beard for your Moy. You can also spend coins by decorating your home, buying fish for your aquarium, buying new animals for your zoo, buying ingredients to bake your own desserts, and more.

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