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Monster Killer Pro

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Monster Killer Pro - Roguelike Monster Slayer - bright and dynamic arcade action for android devices.

Crazy Battles

In Monster Killer Pro - Roguelike Monster Slayer, players will go to the very center of the Victorian era, and namely - London of the 19th century. The days pass here quite usually, where the bustle of city life takes place, residents stroll through the narrow streets and breathe in the aroma of coffee, but with the arrival of dusk and the onset of night, this place turns into a rather dangerous place filled with monsters, bandits and criminals. A fantastic and dangerous universe filled with adventure, battles and epic confrontations is already waiting for you.

Destruction of villains, murderers and other criminals

Here you have to destroy the cunning plans of evil and save from destruction only London, but the whole world. Each monster and enemy will be different from their predecessors and will require a special approach to eliminate, the battles will be difficult, but very exciting and addictive. Also here you can pump the skills and characteristics of the hero, unlock new types of weapons, alternate them and pick them up on the occasion, and meetings with deadly bosses will become a real test of strength. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.