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Welcome to 《Mochi Hospital》!You will find a wonderful hospital world here. In this special world, let me show you the bizarre patients, the temperamental medical staffs and the absurd treatment methods you’ve never met, what’s more, a lot of strange mysterious props are waiting for you. As a successful hospital director, building an elite medical team, creating the one but only hospital and carrying it forward are the mission of you!

Here you will:

★ Build your own special hospital! Big map scene beyond imagination, expand as much as you like, design each hospital department, choose your favorite decoration. You love the hospitals decorated in a dark style? Or the cute style full of girlish heart? You want design a hospital back garden? Or a fancy employee lounge? It's all in your hands! Only you can not imagine, there is no impossibility in this world!

★ Meet the bizarre patients, and suit the remedy to the case after finding out what's wrong with them! You think only programmers will suffer from alopecia ? In our hospital, you will find that the patient like to put the head on the computer and rub like mad, they just want to warm their confused brain and relax themselves but eventually became bald. There are even lovelorn disease, beriberi, social megasomia and so on unexpected absurd disease here waiting for you to cure!

★ Hire employees with personality! You think that all of doctors are serious? No, they may be theorists, routine masters, fitness fanatic and Devil's advocates, and if they are not paid in time, there may be an organized strike action!

★Challenge all kinds of weird events! Tomb, mysterious air disaster, full moon night, epidemic outbreak... Have a great war with the Cute Fun asylum, and start a life and death chase with the shocking patients! There are always thrilling and surprising, you dare to challenge?

There are more wacky playing methods waiting for discover! Try to run your own hospital and get to the top of the universe~

【Contact us】

《Mochi Hospital》Official Facebook fan site:https://www.facebook.com/MochiHospital