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  1. LanguagesEnglish
  2. Latest Version15.0.32
  3. Update2023-05-23
  4. Android version4.4+
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Mod:Built-in mods menu(Names or pictures irrelevant to the content of the mod will be cleared)
External module placement path:Android\data\com.TwentySeven.MelonPlayground.sosomod\files\Saves or Mods
Mods need to be placed under these two files to be uploaded to SosoMod
0.Added module upload function, successfully uploaded modules can be directly searched and displayed, and the latest list needs to be approved and displayed
1. No Ads, exclusive game mods on the whole network
2. The mods cannot be downloaded too much, otherwise it will cause problems such as flashback or stuck, you need to delete the mod files or uninstall the game and reinstall it to restore
3. When entering the map, if a black screen occurs, please wait for a while and it will return to normal

Melon Playground Mod APK - The inspiration of Melon Playground Mod is taken from the legendary sandboxes that resonated for a long time in the gaming world. This is dubbed a free world that allows players to move and build characters into many different shapes creatively. Besides that, there is the ability to own many unique weapons to take down random obstacles that are blocking your way. An unlimitedly expanded map welcomes the arrival of Melon Playground MOD APK.

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Appearing in front of you is the image of a distinctive green stickman. Melon Playground MOD APK is a character that is specially composed of many different shapes. Each character’s chain can be disassembled to assemble other parts depending on your needs and preferences. Besides, the player must depend on the road ahead to find the correct and valid strategy and arrangement.


Opposite you is the appearance of obstacles in the way. Their job is to keep your steps from moving forward. That is in cases where the obstacle is just standing still and not moving. However, as you go up to the higher levels, you will encounter enormous challenges when the obstacles still carry the ability to move. Melon Playground MOD APK Faced with that situation, you have to assemble the player to use weapons to attack and destroy them all without mercy.

Not only that, but Melon Playground MOD APK also gives you many other surprises when your opponent is an exact version of yourself. It sounds silly, but now it’s time to fight with yourself. Players can use any weapon in the collection and begin to control and control the character to conquer the enemy in front of them. In particular, if this enemy kills, the player can take its parts to strengthen themselves.


One of the powerful weapons that Melon Playground MOD APK brings to players is the syringe. With it, you can touch anyone, and if the enemy gets hit by your shot, they will soon be melted into smoke and disappear into nowhere, returning the empty and smooth road for you. Not stopping there, we also bring you the most epic grenade launchers Melon Playground MOD APK.


Besides strength, Melon Playground MOD APK also cares about players in every detail, including appearance. Specifically, new clothes are constantly being offered for you to choose from to create many images with different styles. In addition, the freezing system makes it easier than ever to overcome moving enemies. Just using it, the time at this point on the map will stand still, allowing you to pass quickly.

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    2023-04-11 HUAWEI YAL-L21
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    This Game Is Good,And The Crucifix Is Good Too I Rate It 100/10

    2023-04-01 vivo 1906