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Kick The Buddy Remastered

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MOD:Unlimited Money

Welcome to Kick the Buddy Remastered!

This game will help you deal with the anger that builds up throughout the day.

It's a new way to use mobile games!

As a player, choose from a variety of weapons for stress-relieving action!

Get AK-47, grenades, swords and even divine powers and unleash them on dummies in game form!

Does it call you a loser? Bring a rocket and make it a rocket buddy!

Frustrated enough to beat the boss? Better use a good old friend's fist!

No stress? Simple gameplay and Buddy's humor will surely make you smile!

Funny games are great, but do they help you relax in your daily struggles?

Definitely Kick the Buddy Remastered! This is a great dummy game for a reason!

Millions of players from all over the world are already playing. will you be next

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