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Junkyard Builder Simulator

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infinite money
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The movement speed can be adjusted by increasing 10 gears
Jumping force can be adjusted by increasing 10 gears
The force can be adjusted by increasing 10 gears

Junkyard Builder Simulator Mod Apk


Become the master of the biggest junkyard! Manage the junkyard and build your junk empire. Clean, update, build, trade. Develop the junkyard with new machines and equipment. It's all in your hands!

playing style

In the beginning there was an abandoned junkyard. Abandoned and despised by most people. But not you! Since you are the owner, business is booming! See that rusted car over there? Let's redesign something. How many corroded pipes? Let's scrap them and sell them. I see garbage everywhere. You know what that means. That's how you make money! Remember scrap is money!

Don't forget to invest. Develop junkyards, buy new tools and recycle junk. Don't lose any time and get your money's worth!

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