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Idle Brick Breaker

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Разрушьте любой блок, после чего вы сможете совершать покупки за алмазы, даже если у вас их недостаточное количество.
Idle Brick Breaker - minimalistic arkanoid for android devices.

Classic Arkanoid with modern gameplay

Bright, incredibly entertaining, high-quality gameplay, arkanoid that will allow you plunge into the atmosphere of the past and fully enjoy the once most beloved genre among millions of gamers! Idle Brick Breaker is a fresh take on the legendary game with the same mechanics, but a host of brand new improvements that will give you an unforgettable gameplay experience and new emotions. Can you set a completely new record?

Varied and addictive

The rules of the game are very simple as always: with the help of a small ball you need to break many bricks representing a piece, and the game will end only when you completely destroy this piece. To do this, you will need balls with various powerful abilities and even the ability to increase their power and speed, unique perks to gain an advantage, as well as bonus multipliers to achieve maximum results. Great gameplay and amazing atmosphere in the spirit of the cult retro arcade games await you! Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.