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Деньги при тратах увеличиваются.
Endless tree - addicting casual arcade for android devices.

Simple game mechanics

Bright, funny and at the same time quite simple casual arcade game with clicker elements, which is quite capable of being a great leisure time for you, wherever and whenever you want! You can spend your free time interesting, brighten up the gray everyday routine and experience a completely new experience in Endless Tree - a game in which you have to grow the tallest tree in the universe. This game was created according to all the canons of its genre and is characterized by an easy-to-learn, but very addictive gameplay.

Amusing fun for every day

Endless tree is a game about choice, because here you have to take important the decision, namely, either to plant another tree, or to raise money for growing valuable products on them. As if in production you will receive huge sums from trees that bear fruit, increase income and earn millions! Among other things, the Endless Tree will delight you with stylish 2D graphics, convenient OneTouch controls, interesting gameplay and a relaxing atmosphere. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.