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2.Double bite range
3.Double bite strength
4.Unlimited propulsion
8.Unlock All Shark

Hungry Shark World Mod is a very popular and popular mobile game of Hungry Shark World Mod. In this game, there are many kinds of sharks that you will unlock. Not only does each shark attack differently, but its appearance is also very different. Yes, use your shark to devour all the infinite growth in the ocean. If you are interested, download and experience it!

Hungry Shark World Mod Game Introduction

Hungry Shark World is a very fun casual game. Here you are the overlord of the ocean. Because your body is different from other fish - it is easy to get hungry, so you are also the father in the ocean. It seems that there is no you in the ocean. You can eat everything you eat, including people on land. Think about it and you will become a terrifying monster. Come and experience the feeling of endless eating. If you want to survive, then eat like crazy!

Hungry Shark World Mod Features

1. A variety of shark types to start a novel adventure.

2. The open ocean world brings you the original 3D stereoscopic ocean;

3. Bring a host-like audio-visual experience to players;

4. Hungry Shark: The orthodox sequel to evolution, opening a comprehensive food chain challenge journey;

Hungry Shark World Mod Game Highlights

1. You can also bully divers and swimmers. Think about how much they hunt and kill endangered marine creatures. It's really hateful.

2. There are many kinds of creatures in the game, and sharks die in various ways, and we have to use our creativity to prey on those that fly in the sky and swim in the water.

3. The degree of freedom of the game is relatively high, so as long as it is alive, there is a way to eat it, but you have to use your own brains to find a way, the preyed object is not a fool.

Game shark species introduction

There are three attributes of fish. The function of each attribute is as follows. Different types of fish have different attributes, and individual fish will have special attributes;

Dunn's Fish: Well, this one isn't a shark either. Since it is a paleontological creature that lived in the Paleozoic Devonian period, I don't know about it. Its blood volume is very high, and its attributes determine its survivability.

Megalodon: The basic attributes of this shark are relatively balanced. The special attributes are: 8 times the points during the gold rush, but it is not useful for eggs. The full points of the gold rush are 96 times. bar attribute and become 104 times. It also describes: The special number can be equipped with three pets.

Killer whale: The basic attributes are very good, and there is not one of the most special special numbers. However, its special properties are even more delicious! Can everyone survive out of the water? Putting it in a special number here may be because other fish's tails swing left and right, only this special fish swings up and down.

Zombie shark: The megalodon that was once kept in the "Hive" was flushed into the sewer by the "Queen of Fire" after the virus broke out. Extremely ferocious, afraid of pea shooters. The basic attributes are the same as those of the Megalodon. With special attributes, you can turn the bitten shark into your own little brother. The little brother will help him eat the fish and explode in a few seconds.

Atomic Shark: This shark is more interesting, although it has the second slowest speed (the first slow killer whale) but it has the longest burst time (tied with Dungeness fish). Special attributes are good, and it is the only fish that can eat red jellyfish. No longer afraid of dying under the little poisonous whip of the red jellyfish.

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