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How to Establish an Immortal Sect with Power Up kit

Latest Version
Android version
Mod Info
1.add merit when upgrading
2.game add speed up
3.99 magical pellets
4.Unlimited divine stone
5.Unlimited under the moon grass
6.Unlimited sapphire
7.Unlimited copper ore
8.Unlimited darksteel
9.Unlimited black gold
10.Unlimited obsidian wood
11.Unlimited anima soft stone
12.Unlimited random lines canygu

When upgrading, the merits and virtues are added reversely (if the merits and virtues are sufficient),
Ten times the speed (the game returns to its original speed after closing),
99 pills,
Infinite spirit stone,
Grass under the infinite moon,
Infinite sapphire,
Infinite copper crystal,
Infinite black iron,
Infinite black gold,
Infinite Obsidian wood,
Infinite condensing soft stone,
Cangyu with infinite random patterns,
Infinite nine prism xuanjing

On the surface, this is a small black house placement sect door construction game. What players need to do is to arrange various resources of sect door for production and construction. In fact, when you work hard to support everyone in the whole sect, each disciple in the sect feels that they are the protagonist of Xiuxian Xiaoyan, so you can see all kinds of love without blackening and falling into the devil. The scandal of master apprentice love broke out, and the twin demons can't break through. The leader of X peak secretly dragged the beautiful disciples who were traveling abroad into the small black room to forge and disappear