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Homeless Life

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Homeless Lifeis an entertaining arcade simulatorfor Androiddevices.

Colorful locations
An interesting game represented by the arcade simulator genre with quite fun gameplay, fun challenges and colorful visual design. In this game, you can not only think, but also try out what you would do if you became homeless. Here you can test your ingenuity and ingenuity in practice, as well as spend your leisure time meditatively, overcoming funny levels. You will be able to travel around the world and meet famous people, visit colorful locations and earn money as a beggar.

Different skins for your hero
In Homeless Life, you have to think about how you can earn a living to buy food, and also you will need to find a place to sleep and live, overcoming the various difficulties of homeless life. As a homeless person, at first you will beg for money on the street from passers-by, and for this you will have at your disposal a lot of funny and colorful skins for the hero, with which you can customize his appearance and make him more interesting.