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Hey! Mr. President

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Real presidential race in arcade Hey! Mr. President - 2020 Election Simulator - colorful and funny arcade simulator for android devices.

Intense struggle for leadership

This arcade simulator will be the most interesting entertainment for gamers of all ages, and will also allow you to try on yourself, what it is like to take part in a real presidential race. Your hero is one of the candidates for the presidency, but in order to get the desired number of votes, you have to seriously strain, think over a strategy, speak, conduct marketing campaigns, be eloquent, cajole voters, drain competitors, and sometimes lie a little and even embellish the situation.

Honest methods or cheating?

The race for a seat in the presidential chair has already begun, can you deduce out of order of their competitors and shine on the world stage? Here you can choose the candidate you want to play for and do everything possible to get him a record number of votes. Hey! Mr. President - 2020 Election Simulator will delight you with an interesting and addictive gameplay, sarcasm and humor, funny exaggeration of situations, a real struggle of intellect and the need to develop a winning strategy. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.