Guzheng Master
Guzheng Master
  1. LanguagesEnglish
  2. Latest Version1.8
  3. Update2023-05-24
  4. Android version5.1
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You can download sosomod on your mobile device. When Guzheng Master is officially launched, you will receive a notification from sosomod

Guzheng Master supports many playing techniques as an acoustic Guzheng

Guzheng Master is a virtual Chinese plucked zither. With the Guzheng Master, it will be an indispensable application for professional Guzheng players.With Guzheng Master, you have a real virtual pro music instrument right in your pocket ! No need to carry your instrument all the time, you can start jamming at any time, play riffs tabs and chords anywhere, anytime.

- Full string guzheng with 21 string
- Playing techniques for Right Hand: Pluck, Gliss, Tremolo(Shake/摇指) / Automatic Tremolo, Overtone
- Playing techniques for Left Hand: Pitch slide, Samll-Vibrato,Big-Vibrato, Tap Pitch (Dian Yin - 点音)
- Lessons mode for easy learning
- Music games to practice
- Be able to record audio while playing
- Play with 650,000+ song from music songbooks
- Automatically play "Shake" technique (自动摇指) when touches moving on the string horizontally.
- Multi-touch and swipe supported
- Flexible Guzheng View, easy scrollin

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