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Players make simulator games with no predetermined goal or purpose. The game gives the player tools and the player can determine the game content himself. Players can call on different objects to combine them together to create new props. Whether it's a car, a rocket, a catapult, or a machine that doesn't even have a name, it's entirely up to the player. GoreBox

The game has Minecraft maps, weapons and some monsters from urban legends. Don't worry after entering, wait for the resource pack to install and it will automatically enter for you. You can connect to the Internet or to a local area network. There are many maps including horror maps, decryption maps, deathmatch maps, battle maps and maps in CS. GoreBox

The game is missing a button, you can go into the settings to adjust the texture yourself, don't delete the data pack after downloading it, otherwise the game will disappear, you need to re-download it, if you go in and find a star, then click on this menu , select the weapon bar, look for the Portal 2 teleporter gun, crosshair click on the mosaic on the left button, set the resolution to the highest, the pixel module and the game selection 2080 requires 5G to install and run . GoreBox


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