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Fruit Buddy

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Ever wanted to have your garden filled with fruit buddies? Join strawberry buddies as they roll down the lush green hill while finding their friends, Waffle Buddy, Apple Buddy, Egg Buddy and many others. Can you help him?

Find all fruit buddies in the game and watch them bounce and play gracefully in your home.

How far can you roll down hill without hitting the spikes? This is a simple tap-to-jump game where you control 2 fruit buddies at the same time. Many challenging obstacles and mind twisting spike patterns await you as you roll down the hill.

=== Features ===

- Fruit Buddy Hunt : Catch your favorite fruit buddy!

- Grow your home : Watch fruit buddies grow as you feed them each day.

- Art : 10 uniquely designed character to unlock and take care.

- Gameplay : Control 2 fruit buddies at the same time and help them jump over spikes.

- Perfect jump : Jump over the spike at the right time to do a perfect jump or a super dash!

- Obstacles : 6+ obstacles and mind-twisting spike patterns to overcome.

- Dynamic day and night cycle + Raining season

- Nature : Fruit buddy makes tree grow as they roll over the ground.

- Music : Calming background music.

- Visual : Breath-taking mountain top view.