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FRAG Pro Shooter

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FRAG Pro Shooter (Unlimited Money) Mod Apk

FRAG Pro Shooter Mod Apk

Welcome to frag! Not sure if you want to try another easy and fun game? Read the introduction.

The design of frag is unique and interesting: pure friendly, relaxed and lyrical interest.

The rich content is worth exploring: there will be 1 new character and some new maps every month. You can unlock characters in different ways and play on these maps.

The picture is full of fun: maps, characters, skin... All the elements in the game show colorful aesthetic themes, which is why players like frag.

Frag is for all groups: regardless of age and gender, you can find fun in frag.

Interesting characters in frag

100 cute characters waiting for you to find: all characters have their own strengths and combat power, unique. This diversity brings endless fun. With the help of various maps, every game is different.

Create your own 5-role deck: they have different responsibilities. You can choose the best role for yourself according to the strategy.

4 kinds of character rarity can be collected: legendary, ordinary, rare and epic.

You can easily recognize them: the characters in frag represent the world. Stop waiting and explore all the characters now.

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