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Evolution Galaxy

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Evolution Galaxy - a game of Interplanetary Mutants - colorful casual arcade for Android devices.

Creation of new forms of life

An addictive and interesting casual arcade game that will be interesting as little gamers as well as be of interest to a more adult audience. This game has a simple and addictive gameplay, a relaxing atmosphere, wide scope for the development of creative abilities, as well as comfortable one-touch controls. Here you can create unique and new forms of life, while at your disposal not only the whole planet, but even galaxies.

The most unimaginable creatures

Here you can discover huge galaxies with a mass of planets, where various mutants and the most unusual creatures in the universe live. Then you can combine various mutants with each other and discover new, incredibly interesting and unusual forms of life. So you can conduct a wide variety of experiments in different worlds, create unusual creatures, but it is also important to beware of impostors who will try in every possible way to divert your attention from the process of creating new creatures. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.