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Escape from Chernobyl

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Escape from Chernobyl (Fully Paid) apk mod

Escape From Chernobyl Mod Apk from Chernobyl is not a simple typical mobile game. It's hard and takes time and strategy to learn and overcome. Playing this game with headphones is also the best experience.

Delve into the darkness and perils of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in this sequel to the Fallout City adventure. Solve the Unsolved Mysteries: Find out what happened to Lauren and the story of the Nightmare from the Source.

Navigate the accurately reconstructed Chernobyl nuclear power plant complex from the destroyed reactor #4 to its natural periphery of the complex.

Explore the entire area in one seamless experience, from open-world exploration to the labyrinthine corridors and nuclear power plant buildings of each building. Find weapons and gear that will give you the edge you need to complete this tremendous challenge.

Radiation with anomalies and zombies is just part of the danger that tries to kill you at every turn.

Battle deadly zombie-infested areas and experimental monstrosities crawling through buildings using improved controls and a wide variety of melee and firearms. Hone your skills in a new combat system based on natural physics and realistic movements, plan your battles and try to survive with the new sound-based stealth system.

Enjoy stunning graphics in this open-world survival game: unprecedented detail, physics-based rendering, dynamic shadows and post-processing.

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