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Empire City: Build and Conquer

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run an entire empire?

Empire City: Build And Conquer Mod Apk you can now:

Build new beautiful cities, develop resource mining, create your own unique culture, trade with other civilizations and make amazing discoveries that will help your future. You have the chance to turn everything into reality and become the true Emperor of the Empire City!

Ancient civilizations and their advanced building techniques will give you. It looks like the real rise of empires and civilizations. Create the most unusual buildings and structures that future generations will call "Wonders of the Ancient World". Dig canals to help your peasants, build intricate and bizarre viaducts, and erect epic statues of gods and heroes!

You can not only develop buildings, but also touch the world. The age of empires is here, create your own! Become the most powerful kingdom in the world.

Establish trade relations, diplomacy, exchange knowledge and technology with others. Become the center of trade routes.

Expand your influence and territory. Join and develop new lands, gain more useful resources and gain the respect of your subjects. Be a peaceful leader or an overbearing tyrant - the choice is yours.

After all, it's all about going down in history and building the most powerful ancient city - the Empire!

Be the first in all aspects and the best in all phases of city development.

Only you influence your future and only you decide what your empire will look like!

Game features:

- Unique development opportunities

Choose your own path to build your empire.

- Build the most unusual ancient buildings

Build your own powerful kingdom.

- Wonderful atmosphere of antiquity

Be inspired by the beautiful landscape of your empire.

- Impressive range

Feel the greatness of your new kingdom.

- Freedom of action and decision-making

Build your kingdom as you can see.

- Amazing graphics and addictive gameplay

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of antiquity.

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