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Dice Plus

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The description of Dice Plus App

Dice Plus may be useful in real games such Backgammon and all its variants, or to play a simple Yahtzee game or similar. We simply guarantee the randomness of these generated numbers, so you can rely on them in any context.

The last 100 rolls and their total can be seen by tapping the History menu. In Settings, you can select the number of dice and enable a few additional features (display the total value and the previous roll, for example). To "throw" the dice, you can either tap the green background or shake the mobile device. If selected, a certain die can be held until the next roll; it will appear between parentheses in the saved list.


-- true of the value of these dice

-- history of the last one hundred rolls

-- any die can be held in the first roll

-- white or black color of the dice