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Cooking Monster - 怪獸廚房

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Cooking Monster is a Strategy Role-Playing game. All of the living things in this universe are called "Little Monster." Little monsters have their own mysterious powers and if you want to enhance them, they have to eat special cuisines.

The game has 3 main systems: Venture, Plant, and Cuisine.

Acquire food ingredients through Venture and Plant, then make delicious cuisines in the kitchen in order to enhance little monsters.

The stages and enemies in this game have different features and players have to assemble teams according to different enemies.


Every little monster has its own unique dice.

The combat system randomly gives out 6 dice sides to players.

Sides with the same attributes will be cleared when being adjacent to each other and the damage and skill will change accordingly.

Give orders and win the battle!


Plant-type ingredients need to be grown and acquired by players.

Take good care of the farm and enjoy the fun!


When the ingredients are ready, leave the rest to the kitchen!

After ordering the meal, little monsters will cook in the kitchen and players only have to wait a while to get the meal!

More Cooking Monster news and events will be released in the future. Keep following us!