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Choo Choo Charles Mod is an open world horror game where you explore an island with a little yellow train. Search the island, meet the locals and find parts to upgrade your train. You need to keep an eye out for Charles, a giant hungry spider train monster who wants to eat you and your train.

In Choo Choo Charles Mod, your mission is to destroy the monster that the locals call "Charles". No one knows where it came from, but they do know it eats human flesh. You have a little yellow train with a map, a machine gun, and a collection of fancy bobbleheads on the dashboard. You'll use the train to get from place to place while completing quests for the locals or looting debris from the island.

Over time, you'll use scrap to upgrade your train's speed, armor, and damage. You'll expand your arsenal and become an unstoppable force, ready to take on the mighty Charles. Or you want to download and play Cho Cho Scary Charles Train Mod.

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