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Castle Cats: Idle Hero RPG

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A lot of Money

Hero cat collection!

Game features:

1. Placement and action system

Set your hero to fight before you leave the game. Collect rewards when you return, upgrade your heroes and collect epic cats. You can also join the battle and help your hero at any time!

2. Summon your cats to evolve and unlock new features, skills and clothing. Collect famous star cats.

3. Customizable guild leaders

Collect more than 100 different items for your guild leader and change them according to your preferences.

4. Activity based games

Frequent activity updates. Including superheroes, celebrity cats, holidays, summer and winter events.

5. Charming story

Castle cats have a very special and unique story line. You can defeat the evil Bago necromancer with the cats. Each activity contains 15 story tasks, full of funny and puns.