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BloodBox 0.46

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BloodBox Mod Apk is a game with realistic graphics, physics and body damage system. Fight zombies and bad guys with items and weapons, drive cars and build your own maps - create total mayhem with explosions, gunshots and meat!

This is a beta version of the game and the game is still in development.

What are you planning to add to BloodBox Mod Apk?

Buildings (create your own maps + save from ready made walls and floors)

Zombies and Wave Patterns, similar to Gorebox Mod

Mechanical devices (rocket motors, wheels, springs, propellers, etc.)

Automobiles (regular automobiles and specialized vehicles such as car lifts)

Physical mechanics (piercing the body with sharp objects, physical welding, reducing gravity, increasing/decreasing the size of objects, etc.)

Destruction (destruction of props, walls, doors, floors, etc.)

Customize the player's appearance (boots, pants, helmet, body armor, etc.)

If the game is popular and profitable - multiplayer

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