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Ben - Super Slime: Endless Arcade Climber Fighting

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Ben - Super Slime, Is a game of adventure, Endless Arcade, action and excitement. Get ready to take over and kill the enemies save earth and people from aliens and be the hero of heroes win the coins as you kill enemies and upgrade your game, you will face aliens and evil creatures be brave and go use your abilities and omitrix to save people and your beloved planet.

Use the Omitrix power to save the planet earth and kill the aliens. You have so many abilities that would enable you and help you throughout your journey, use them, shock your animes. It will be a turner in the game that will change the game and shock the enemies to win increasingly coins to buy guns that will help you kill the aliens .

Discover also the higher and advanced stages, be ready always for the shock and help your ben to fight the slime, this is the network land best cartoon ever that you would see there is a surprise and challenge waiting for in the game if you could win it the YOU WIIIN! The game has the best graphics and the easiest ways to play when increasingly winning coins use them for the upgrades and fight aliens and take over you will be the turner in the event of the game all the best paly it ,attack and win it show your homies what you can do.

Choose your hero or aliens aggrobear or connonbolt or diamondhead to be your heroes or ben and start this cool game go and discover the hidden arms climb the boxes with lots of surprises ahead of you upgrade your game once you win coins and attack your enemies to take over.

Enable the power of your alien of Omitrix and conquer the earth it’s your time to be like a hero NO!

To be the hero this is your game you will be like a robot behind the screen that will take over and shock all your friends with the levels you get to take over and use upgrades to enhance your way of playing.

Ten or more aliens between your hand to fight with an army at you feast attack the enemies and aliens then win your battle against them beat the hell out of the evil rank in the first places between your friends and compete on who’s going the first to achieve the highest stage or level smash them upgrade your potentials and be the stronger between your bodies steam them steamboat and steampunk.

Critters in the game would help to face your lumberjack learn how to run jump and be fast at defending and avoiding the enemies and aliens hits this omni is your chance to be the hero be a

slimefighter let us see what you are capable of going slimier you are the super hero now enhance you ways of defence by upgrades then attack again and win against these robots in the game .

Prizes galore will be available waiting for you to win the game against the attackers and the aliens it’s you the hero that would win the game it’s a game that can be costumed play it on your terms discover your style you are not a robot rather a hero a rock that cannot be defeated, fight your enemies with heatblast stinkfly and wildvine also smythe don’t forget to win and use upgrades to get better and win faster all the luck in the world show them what your abilities are shock every one .

if you NEED HELP! or HAVE ANY QUESTIONS please don’t hesitate to send us in the Support Email.