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Welcome to the Anime Pregnant Mother Simulator Game of 2021 which is starting from the very first day of being pregnant to the last stage at the doctor's. Yes, this game covers all the aspects and features of a complete game, so what are you waiting for? enjoy the new Yumi pregnant girl game.

A simulation game where a girl gets to know that she is going to have a baby sooner. This expectant mother is very happy to listen to this news. The virtual dad in this game is also very excited to hear this news. This baby is going to be a happy addition to the virtual family. Take care of a virtual pregnant mother before pregnancy, take her to the doctor for a regular checkup. This virtual mother should take a proper diet so that she will have a healthy baby. Exercise is very mandatory for this pregnant mother for her own health too.

Wake up early in the morning as a pregnant mother you have to prepare breakfast for your virtual husband and girl in this family life mother game 2021. now ready girl for the school and see off for the school with their virtual dad in virtual family life. Now take some rest and do some exercise to remain fit during pregnancy life in pregnancy games. Now its time to welcome your girl coming back from school in this pregnant celebrity virtual mother game. now go to the hospital with your husband for routine pregnancy check-up in this mother simulator family game. Take care of your diet during pregnancy life also you have to manage household tasks for your virtual family.

As a family mother, you also perform household tasks because it's your responsibility, don't let your virtual family down so awoke kids make them ready for high school and see off for the school with their dad in mom games and anime family games. After that ready to clear the home mess and food from the dining table. Now go to the kitchen to wash dirty plates and the virtual dad will help you as a caring husband in this anime simulator pregnant mom baby care game. After baby birth, there are new tasks for virtual dad in family-friendly baby games for girls like look after virtual mother and baby care. Like changing dipper of new born baby and feeding milk also care for mother diet to recover from this pregnancy in this mother game virtual family games in free anime girl games. Have a family simulator fun as a virtual pregnant mother which is best in pregnant celebrity virtual games free.


✔ Best anime family game as a virtual pregnant mother.

✔ Daily household tasks based levels for anime mother.

✔ Virtual pregnant mom life tasks to perform.

✔ Enjoy the anime virtual father tasks too.