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Animation Studio can be used for creating basic simple animations video and/or gif video file using stylus or by finger.Simple and easy to use, Animation Studio provides versatile tools for creating frame-by-frame animation, and it’s the perfect tool for animating, storyboarding and drawing your ideas.Animation Studio features:NO NEED TO DRAW FOR EACH FRAME• Additionally, note that with Animation Studio you don't need to draw for each frame. For any changes in keyframe, you just need to insert keyframe and you can make changes for that layer and frame position. ANIMATION LAYERS• Make art on up to 3 layers for free, or go pro and add up to 10 layers!VIDEO ANIMATION TOOLS• Animating frame-by-frame is super easy with an intuitive animation timeline and practical tools• Onion skin animating tool• Animation frames viewer• Guide your animation with overlay grids• And more!CREATE & SHARE MOVIES• Share your animation anywhere!• Post to TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Tumblr.CREATE ANIMATION GIFS AT A GLANCE• Install it now and create unique Gifs and videos! for your entertainment purposes , advertisements , presentations and many applications.